Never Pay Retail for Travel Again!

NetTrips is a new concept in buying travel created by a 63-year old
travel company that books travel for state lotteries and
some of the largest companies in the USA.

We guarantee you will save at least twice the subscription cost.
If you don't, we’ll refund everything you've paid.

It's this simple...

  • Members buy travel at Net Prices instead of Retail.
  • It costs $14.95 a month.
  • The first 30 days are totally free so you can kick the tires until you are comfortable.
  • If you don't save twice as much as you pay, your money is refunded. There's only one catch. You have to use NetTrips to book at least one trip. We can't prove that we can save you more money than the program costs unless you actually book a trip or two.

If you don't travel much, don't join. If you do even a modest amount of leisure travel, the only thing you can possibly lose is paying retail prices, and we think you won't mind that.

There's more information below, but you already know everything you need to know to make a decision.

Why Pay Full Price, When You Can Travel at Net Prices?

  • Buy at Net Prices - up to 80% savings - or
  • Buy at the guaranteed lowest available fares and they earn Loyalty Rewards of up to 18%, which can be used to pay for additional travel or taken as cash.

Select from among stunning resorts, cruises, hotels, vacation packages, car rentals - whatever form of travel you need.

And it couldn’t be any more convenient. NetTrips members can book online or by speaking to our professional travel agents.

​Get Cash Back On All Your Trips​

We return 5-18% of the amount you book with us to your Loyalty Rewards bank. It doesn’t matter if you book a one-night hotel stay or an around-the-world trip that we custom design for you. You’re building up your Loyalty Rewards bank. You know, like frequent flyer points, but with no restrictions. Use your Loyalty Rewards to pay for additional travel, or take it as cash, it’s entirely up to you.

Here are three examples of how much some of our Members earned:

  • $865, on a 7-day Alaska Cruise - Almost 5 years of membership dues saved on one trip!
  • $1,296, on a Bahamas Resort Vacation - Over 7 years of dues saved on one trip!
  • $1,528 on a European River Cruise - Over 8 years of membership dues saved on one trip!
The amount you earn in Loyalty Rewards depends on the type of travel you book, and we always tell you the amount upfront. There are just two exceptions where you don’t earn Loyalty Rewards: domestic airfare and members-only trips that are already extremely discounted.

Once you understand the great value of this cash-back option, along with our deep travel discounts, there will be no doubt a NetTrips membership is right for you.

Get Exclusive Access to Thousands of Travel Deals


NetTrips members are provided access to exclusive luxury properties at coveted destinations all over the world. Some of these properties are not available to the general public. Others have nightly retail rates that go for $500 and more. NetTrips members can often buy an entire week of resort accommodations for $400, sometimes even less. Members can save thousands of dollars on a single resort stay, especially if they can travel within 60 days!


Book any hotel, anywhere in the world and earn Loyalty Rewards of up to 15%. Or, choose from a broad selection of properties that offer members-only net pricing of up to 30% below retail rates.​ Exclusive hotel rates are available through the NetTrips member dashboard or by calling a NetTrips concierge.


Savings for NetTrips members aren't limited to just resorts and hotels. Members have access to year-round inventory of luxury cruises to destinations across the globe.

The money you save on booking a single cruise could pay for several years of your NetTrips membership cost.

Vacation Packages

When you combine airline, hotel and rental car in one package pricing is often significantly lower than booking the individual components separately.

Vacation packages booked through NetTrips can save you 10% to 30%, and sometimes more. NetTrips will also be there every step of the way when you travel to insure a flawless vacation filled with great memories.

Examples of Available Savings




​You Can Trust 63 Years of Experience

​NetTrips ​was created by Archer Travel, a 63 year old travel company, and Outside The Box, Inc., a nationally recognized promotions company.

Together these two companies have been producing travel promotions for some of the largest companies in the United States for the last 18 years. Through NetTrips, they are bringing their extensive experience in sourcing great travel inventory at promotional prices directly to individual travelers.

​Limited Time
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  • First Month Completely FREE!
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  • $24.95 $14.95 Monthly Fee
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No risk to join. Over 2,000 specials can only be viewed by Members.
Say goodbye forever to paying retail prices for your travel.