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What Is NetTrips?

Much like a Club Store that charges a monthly or annual fee in order to sell home goods at wholesale prices, NetTrips charges a small monthly fee to our travel-loving Members. By doing that, we can provide travel at Net Prices because we don’t need to make money selling the travel itself. So, our Members save significant amounts of money on leisure travel.

Additionally, we provide our Members with access to unique types of trips and unique travel destinations that simply are not available to the public.

Much of the inventory and the pricing you see when you are a NetTrips Member cannot be advertised, but it can be displayed in a Members-only environment that requires a password to access.

The NetTrips Philosophy

We WANT our Members to travel! This isn't like a gym membership that the company hopes you'll never use.

Word of mouth is the most powerful form of advertising and we want our Members to be our goodwill ambassadors. When you travel to amazing places at great rates, that will happen!

Who Is Behind NetTrips?

For nearly 20 years, Outside The Box, Inc. has been providing promotional rewards to some of the largest banks, hotel chains, casinos and other major business in the USA. One of the most popular categories for customer rewards in promotions and loyalty programs is travel.

Kevin Howe, President
As a result, Outside The Box has developed relationships with travel providers that are the best at sourcing and fulfilling travel for large promotions. Outside The Box created NetTrips as a way to provide access to these private travel resources exclusively to our Members.

For the past 18 years, Outside The Box has worked together with its primary travel fulfillment partner, Archer Travel, to design travel promotions that over one million consumers have participated in.

Archer Travel is a 63-year-old California-based, second-generation travel agency. Archer has fulfilled hundreds of millions of dollars of promotional travel for Outside The Box and for its other promotional travel clients, including state lottery travel prize winners in more than 20 states. The expertise of Archer Travel and their high-level travel vendor relationships allow the development of high-value, low-cost leisure travel opportunities for the NetTrips program with outstanding customer service.

Ron and Jill Archer, Owners

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