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Q: How do you offer travel at these low prices?

A: There are many ways. Here are two.

All travel providers have excess inventory. If a resort normally charges $250 per night, they generally won't offer rooms for $75 per night, even if they have a low occupancy period. In hotel lingo, they feel that offering a very low rate would harm their "rate integrity". However, they are willing to offer excess inventory to a few high-quality providers that can help fill those rooms by offering them exclusively to a membership group, like NetTrips, that doesn't advertise the discounted prices to the general public. That is why some areas of the NetTrips website can only be viewed by Members.

We also have revenue sharing deals with our travel providers. We keep only a small fraction of the payments we receive from our partners. The rest of that money either gets factored into our Net Price trips or we provide Loyalty Rewards back to our Members. Our goal is to make a little bit of money from a lot of travelers through the monthly membership fee, not to make money from your travel.

Q: Why are some of your travel experiences sold at Net (discounted) prices and other ones offer Loyalty Rewards?

A: We have different agreement with different travel partners. Some providers allow us to offer their inventory to NetTrips Members at Net Prices. In these cases your travel is purchased at the discounted cost. Others providers require that travel be purchased at retail prices. In those cases, NetTrips will return Loyalty Rewards to you when we receive our revenue sharing payments. When you purchase travel that earns Loyalty Rewards, your Member account will initially display these Loyalty Rewards as "Pending". When NetTrips receives payments from our partner(s) for your travel the status will change to "Available". Once this happens you are free to use your Loyalty Rewards as full or partial payment for future travel, or to receive the funds as a check. It’s entirely up to you. Depending on the supplier and the method of your payment, it can take 30 to 90 days for Loyalty Rewards to shift from Pending status to Available. Click here to view the Loyalty Rewards amounts you will earn.

Q: Is there a long-term commitment required?

A: No. You can cancel your Membership at any time. We don't believe in handcuffs. We believe saving our Members money on their travel and providing great service is the only way to legitimately ensure our long-term success.

Q: Is NetTrips a Travel Club?

A: No, it isn’t. NetTrips is a subscription travel service. We offer our subscribing Members unbeatable pricing, but we are far more than just "cheap travel". NetTrips provides access to travel experiences that are difficult or impossible to find elsewhere. We custom design trips, we provide our members with special amenities, and we provide outstanding human service.

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